Everything Awesome Minecraft

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Cheat Pack

The cheat pack mod allows you to switch between creative and survival mode, instant sight kill, when you look at something and it is auto-killed, as well as many other mods. This is a huge package of little mods and perks that you can add to Minecraft to enhance your Minecraft experience.

Smart Moving

The smart Moving mod is a mod that is just somethng that you add to minecraft for looks. Smart moving mod adds animations to your player when you swim, run, slide and other movements.


The ships and boats mod is a very fun mod. It is a lot like the Zeppelin Mod, which is a very popular mod in the Minecraft Community. You can add a control panel to a boat that you have built and can drive it around. The mod even simulates the bobbing of a boat from waves. If you add a water pump, you can submerge the ship and explore the underseas.


More Creeps and Wierdos is a very different Minecraft mod. It adds a ton of weird monsters to the game. Some are huge and awkward, some are smaller. This mod goes well with the Mo' Creatures mod, giving you a diverse collection of creatures.

Timber Mod

The timber mod is of those mods that doesn't really give you an advantage over another player. It is just a useful mod for your single player game. What it does is, instead of taking all that time to get the wood from a tree, you only have to mine the bottom block, and all of the wood from the tree collapases and falls back down in a single stack. This mod makes it so much easier to collect wood fast.


Mod loader isn't a mod, but is something you need if you download a mod. This is what actually enables the mod to actually work. Some peticular mods need other instruction to work. Refer to a guide on that mod on youtube if possible.

The Invasion Mod

Do you need a tower defense type addition to Minecraft? Then the Invasion Mod is the mod for you! Build a base and place the Nexus inside it. Your life will be bound to the Nexus and you must defend it from evil supermobs such as Pig Engineers. Use awesome weapons that can be made from the flux that the Nexus produces, like a bow that sets mobs on fire. imod is a real challenge, and is not for noobs.

Mo' Creatures

The Mo' Creatures mod is a really fun mod to play with. You get to mess around with creaturs that are not in games that much. We enjoy this mod as much as any other mod that adds new things to minecraft. It adds a  ton of new animals, adding to the realism of the game.

Furnature Mod

The furnature mod is mod that we think should be realized more. This mod is everything that Minecraft should add, because its something that could really add to amazing builds. Furnature mod allows you to have lamps and couches and even window blinds. So if you want something to add to your house we recommend this mod.

Obsidian++ Mod

This mod lets you make tools out of the hardest block in the game that you can collect. I find that this mod is really useful for in the mines because the pick axes will take days to break. Not only do you get tools but the armor is also almost unbreakable. To get this mod to work you have to make your tools out of obsidian ingots (obsidian that has been smelted in the Furnace) and blaze rods.

Clay Soldiers Mod

The Clay Solders mod is probably the most entertaining mod that is out there. You can easily create armies of different color clay soldiers and have them battle each other. Its a really fun mod if you and your friends want to make minecraft a little more interesting. You can make a team of soldiers and give them items so that they can have an advantage over the other team. Then, build an arena for them to fight in.

Bacteria Mod

The Bacteria mod is a mod that is just plain fun. With this mod, you can place a colony of bacteria, place the block that you want it to eat on top of it, and activate it with redstone. BAM! the stuff goes crazy, eating everything!